Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha

We chanted this twice a day during morning and evening satsang.

For some reasons, I also have this in my ipod.

I find myself playing it every morning while I prepare to go to Makati.

I feel like going back to the ashram.

Manila is too noisy.

Makes me think if I have lost my focus.

Maybe I just need to chant Jaya Ganesha everyday.


jaya ganesha, jaya ganesha, jaya ganesha pahiman

sri ganesha, sri ganesha, sri ganesha rakshaman

Click here for the rest of the lyrics.


Melanie said...

Manila CAN be a blur...

Perhaps you're working too much, with your daily teaching sked? Learn something new, take up a class and be a student for a change like you said. (Although that may distract you more.) At least you have that chant to soothe your nerves.

jon said...

Teaching is ok. It's the noise I hear once I step out of the shala... The mad rush of people taking the mrt... loud speakers in the malls... sometimes, I just want to stay in Chi and meditate... pero ang sosyal naman nun, hehe.

C said...

Is it not the flip side of awareness? sensitivity? Two sides of the coin. Minsan pinagpala din pala kaming may "autistic mode" (no offense meant to the special pop), madalas dense, hehe. Come to think of it, you're still better off that least you just have to deal with these external factors. The noise inside is far more difficult to deal with.

TryingtoWake said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to beg the world to just stop and keep quiet for a few hours.

You know what would be really nice? Lalo pa now that it's colder and has been raining. A few days in Tagaytay or Baguio, doing nothing but staying in the house. Stillness = bliss!

jon said...

Actually I sometimes think about the things that comes to my brother's mind. He has mild autism and every day, he blissfully go through his daily routine and just zone out. Is that the samadhi that we should all be aiming for?

Lake Sebu! Maybe I should take a long vacation and just commune with nature. Will need to find a vegetarian friendly resort though.

jk said...

hi! i somehow stumbled on your blog searching Jaya Ganesha. great blog! i know what you mean...I just came back from Sivananda ashram and feeling it to be a big adjustment being back in the city. I find myself listening to Jaya Ganesha when I wake up and before i sleep. It's been so comforting.

jon said...

Hi Jk... I checked your blog as well... added you in my list. Neyyar Dam was beautiful. I'm sure you went to the lake as well for walking meditation and chanted there before walking back to the ashram... the sunrise there was awesome.

Do you teach here in Manila?

jk said...

thanks for the add! yes, the lake sunrise was beautiful!!! It was my favorite satsang of the week. :)

I'm just teaching some family and friends. haha i'm not very good at it yet.

how long have u been teaching?

jon said...

Jk... been teaching yoga since 2003.

lorenza said...

exactly what I am thinking this morning that's why I am looking up online for the lyrics.

Jon said...

Hi Lorenza,

Thanks for dropping by.